Quality, Value and Customer Service are at the core of everything we do !

Message from CEO

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues

tom brosnanI have been involved in the refrigeration industry for more years than I care to remember! Most of that time was spent in manufacturing and whilst it was enjoyable and rewarding, it was also very restrictive and limiting. This led me to considering how I could better service customer requirements by focussing on issues like design/spec/quality/value/service whilst outsourcing the manufacturing to specialist factories. This practice has prevailed in the electronics sector for more than 20 years and has allowed companies to focus on issues like innovation, range extension, sales growth, customer service, etc, without the added challenges of manufacturing and all that entails.  The end result of this process is The Norko Cooling Company which is based on the  experience gained by my colleagues and I in all the various activities and relationships in which we have engaged. The Norko management team are a mix of industry veterans and capable young people who together deliver an exceptional level of performance. My role is to guide and direct this pool of expertise in such a way as to deliver the optimal offering to our clients based on the keys elements of Quality, Value and Customer Service!


We seek opportunities to disrupt our industry to better serve the customer.


I sincerely hope that Norko can serve you well now and in the future. 


Thomas Joseph Brosnan  


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